Yves Boucard

Courtesy of Scott Jacobson Gallery

Yves Boucard conjures and designs brightly hued or delicately coloured furniture figures, then constructs them and finally paints them. His work encapsulates feelings and dreams and for him represents sheer pleasure. Memories and images from dream journeys overlay, penetrate and enliven the everyday world. Sensual and spiritual impressions blend together in the place of nature-cum-art which offers paradoxical experiences: the simultaneous perception of artifice and life, spontaneity and calculation, proximity and distance, closeness and detachment. Yves Boucard's creations make you dream with open eyes, and the deeper you penetrate into his carved and painted paradise garden, the more richly you dream. He has enabled the trees, the fruit and flowers, the fairy tale animals and fantastical beasts to become life-sized and three-dimensional. And with the changing light, his sculptures-for-use even seem to come to life.